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(Schlegel, 1837) hunts for living crabs,  9 Apr 2018 Unlike most snakes that strike with an open mouth, Fordonia leucobalia pins its prey down with its chin, before coiling its body around it and  10 May 2012 natrix, Xenochrophis piscator, Cerberus rynchops, Fordonia leucobalia, Acrochordus javanicus, Cantoria violacea. 220. J. C. Murphy  10 Nov 2010 Fordonia leucobalia. Photo: Tissa Ratnayeke.

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An Fordonia leucobalia in nahilalakip ha genus nga Fordonia , ngan familia nga Colubridae . [4] [5] Ginklasipika han IUCN an species komo diri gud kababarak-an . [1] Homalopsis leucobalia Schlegel, 1837 : Fordonia unicolor Gray, 1849 : Fordonia bicolor Theobald, 1868 : Fordonia papuensis Macleay, 1877 : Fordonia variabilis Macleay, 1877 : Hemiodontus chalybaeus Jan, 1863 : Hemiodontus leucobalia (Schlegel, 1837) Common Name(s): Crab-eating Snake [English] Taxonomic Status: Current Standing: valid Data We present the first record of the Crab-eating Snake Fordonia leucobalia (Homalopsidae) from Ranong Province, peninsular Thailand, based on an individual regurgitated by a Banded Krait Bungarus Herpetology R-49999 (MCZ:Herp:R-49999); Fordonia leucobalia; Oceania: Papua New Guinea: New Guinea; Katoro, Binaturi River; Animalia Chordata Reptilia Lepidosauromorpha Squamata Serpentes Colubroidea Colubridae Fordonia leucobalia; Crab-eating snake; Crab-eating water snake; Fordon's water snake; Mangrove Snake; The fordonia; The plain fordonia; White-bellied freshwater snake; White-bellied Welcome to the India Biodiversity Portal - A repository of information designed to harness and disseminate collective intelligence on the biodiversity of the Indian subcontinent. Fordonia leucobalia commonly called Crab-eating Water Snake. #TypicalSnakes Search for FORDONIA+LEUCOBALIA returned 1 results..

27. Homalopsis buccata.

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Fordonia leucobalia. White-bellied mangrove snake. Seven stamps, six snakes on not very attractive stamps. One species occurs on Timor, White-bellied mangrove snake (Fordonia leucobalia).

Fordonia leucobalia

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Fordonia leucobalia

leucobalia, and G. prevostiana . Consequently, the areas under these curves differed substantially (Fig. 6C, for SVL = 150–550 mm) as values for L. alleni, F. leucobalia, and G. prevostiana were 68%, 44%, and 37%, respectively, of that for R. septemvittata.

Fordonia leucobalia

Wikipedias text är tillgänglig under licensen Creative Commons Homalopsis leucobalia Schlegel, 1837 : Fordonia unicolor Gray, 1849 : Fordonia bicolor Theobald, 1868 : Fordonia papuensis Macleay, 1877 : Fordonia variabilis Macleay, 1877 : Hemiodontus chalybaeus Jan, 1863 : Hemiodontus leucobalia (Schlegel, 1837) Common Name(s): Crab-eating Snake [English] Taxonomic Status: Current Standing: valid Dr. Bruce Jayne of the University of Cincinnati (Ohio, USA) shot this infra-red video of a captive snake (Fordonia leucobalia) eating a crab (Episesarma ver Fordonia leucobalia Crab-eating Water Snake, White-bellied mangrove snake. Facebook. Twitter. Kingdom Animalia animals. Animalia: information (1) Animalia: pictures Fordonia leucobalia is een slang uit de familie waterdrogadders .[2] Het is de enige soort uit het monotypische geslacht Fordonia.
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Fordonia leucobalia

Populärnamn, Crab-eating Water Snake. Fordonia leucobalia är en vattenlevande orm känt av vanliga namn krabbätande vatten orm och vit-bellied mangrove orm . Det är en vanlig  Hitta stockbilder i HD på Portrait Crabeating Water Snake Fordonia Leucobalia och miljontals andra royaltyfria stockbilder, illustrationer och vektorer i  White-Bellied Mangrove Snake (Fordonia leucobalia). Darwin Harbour NT. Lily BoydSnakes · Platyceps najadum - Šilac King Cobra, Black Mamba, Animaux. White-Bellied Mangrove Snake (Fordonia leucobalia) Kall, Världen, Animaux. White-Bellied Mangrove Snake (Fordonia leucobalia).

RẮN LÁC là Bò sát tên la tin là Fordonia leucobalia thuộc họ Rắn nước Colubridae bộ Có vảy Squamata. Tên Việt Nam: RẮN  Fordonia leucobalia. Crab-eating Snake. 8.11 Plain Fordonia, White-bellied Freshwater Snake, White-bellied Mangrove Snake, White-bellied Water Snake. 99. 9 Abr 2018 La serpiente comedora de cangrejos del manglar (Fordonia leucobalia) es una pequeña serpiente que habita las zonas pantanosas de Nueva  trapped in fishing gear.
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Fordonia leucobalia

Fordonia leucobalia. Tidak ada deskripsi. Traditional Chinese. Tidak ada label. Fordonia leucobalia.

Enhydris bocourti. Fordonia leucobalia. White-bellied Mangrove Snake.
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Fordonia - Fordonia -

Partie Descriptive. J. Native Range: Fordonia leucobalia is found from India's Nicobar Islands and along the mainland coast from Bangladesh and Myanmar eastwards throughout Southeast Asia to the Philippines, and southwards to Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia (Murphy, Read and Guinea, 2010). Fordonia leucobalia (Schlegel, 1837) Common name white-bellied mangrove snake WildNet taxon ID 516 Alternate name(s) white-bellied water snake 1842 Fordonia leucobalia – Gray, Zoology Miscellany, p. 67.

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Gerarda prevostiana and Cantoria violacea eat freshly moulted crabs and snapping shrimp, respectively, and their maximal gape was significantly smaller than for both Ce. schneiderii and F. leucobalia. With Fordonia leucobalia, the hard-shelled crab specialist, it takes a novel approach to feeding.Rather than grabbing its prey with its jaw and devouring it, or squeezing the life out of it like constrictors, Fordonia leucobalia first pins the crab with its chin, and then uses its body to manipulate the crab to better swallow it. 1837: Homalopsis leucobalia Schlegel: Fordonia leucobalia Gray 1842: Hemiodontus leucobalia Duméril & Bibron 1854: 1849: Fordonia unicolor Gray (Murphy 2007): 1863: Hemiodonthus chalybæus Jan (Murphy 2007) Fordonia leucobalia е вид змия от семейство Смокообразни (Colubridae). Commonly known as the Crab-eating Water Snake or White-bellied Mangrove Snake (after the specific epithet), Fordonia leucobalia is native to the mangrove swamps and tidal mud flats of southeast Asia and northern Australia. An Fordonia leucobalia in uska species han Colubridae nga ginhulagway ni Hermann Schlegel hadton 1837.

Fordonia leucobalia är ensam i släktet  Vetenskapligt namn, Fordonia leucobalia. Auktor, SCHLEGEL, 1837.